FRTBRK-S2/3–FRONT BRAKE ASSEMBLY. RECONDITIONED Front Brake Sub-Assembly fits models Bentley S2/S3 Cloud II/Cloud III, PV, PVI.  Assembly is reconditioned, parts cleaned, serviced, cad plated or powder coated, reassembled and new pistons and wheel cylinder kits installed. ASSEMBLY IS READY FOR YOUR SHOES. Parts assembled also include:   Brake Plate (UG3702U), Wheel Cylinders (UG3651/UG3650), Wheel cylinder kits (CD1608) Piston (UG1177P), Spring (UG3647), Return Spring (UG1285) Bleed Screws (UG1175P).   Need Core replacement to complete sale.  Please contact us if you have questions.  Price PER SIDE, Reconditioned Front Brake assembly.